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VIC FIRTH 360º : Inside the Madison Scouts Front Ensemble


Have you ever wanted to stand in the pit during a Madison Scout run-through? Here’s your opportunity!

In our first ever 360º video, Vic Firth takes you ON THE SIDELINE during rehearsal, standing next to members of the pit as they perform a run-through of the opener!

Watch the drum major. Look across the line of keyboards. Turn around and check out what’s happening on the field. It’s a full VIRTUAL REALITY experience!

If you’re new to the 360º experience, try using your mobile device. As you turn right and left or up and down, your point of view moves with you! If you’re on a desktop or laptop, click and drag around the screen to control the movement.

A 360º compatible browser is required (Chrome, Firefox, etc. Currently, Safari does not work).

Filmed on July 22, 2016 in Temple, TX.


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