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On the Road 2011 Trailer


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Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet may be the greatest of all love stories. In Juliet, Regiment adds a new twist to the tale by telling it from her point of view. The Prologue begins with Juliet’s theme—romantic music underscoring her graceful beauty. A trumpet fanfare signals a drastic mood shift in Act One. As the conflict between the Montagues and Capulets turns violent, aggressive music and contrasting visuals represent the struggle between the two proud houses. In Act Two, Juliet is introduced to society with a regal party theme, setting the stage for the first encounter between these two star-cross’d lovers. Mixed-voice brass ensembles present a lush and beautiful backdrop as the two pledge their eternal bond. Act Three opens with Juliet basking in newfound love. But as the conflict intensifies, Juliet must struggle to reunite with Romeo. Little does she know these will be their last moments of joy together.

Relive the journey of the 2011 Phantom Regiment.

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