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Spotlight: 1992 Star of Indiana


For those who perceive America as one of extreme excess, “American Variations” responded with, “Yeah, what about it? And while we’re at it, here’s even more of the more, more and MORE!” Pushing home the unabashedly patriotic theme were red coats, white pants and blue sashes on the brass and percussionists and red and white stripes inside the blue color guard dresses, just in case the red, white and blue flags didn’t quite convey the message.

In “Amber Waves,” transparent scrim paintings of Americana scenes were set up across the field, including sheaths of wheat, the Golden Gate Bridge, crested bluffs, and purple mountains majesty. Flags representing immigrants sailed across the field to introduce a scrim of the upraised hand of the Statue of Liberty.

“Flag of Stars,” based on quotes from “The Star Spangled Banner,” led to the entire corps disappearing behind a giant scrim depicting fireworks exploding in the background of the Miss Liberty. Perhaps the only thing missing was an apple pie.

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