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Essentials Collection: Champions 2


Drum Corps International presents the all new Essentials Collection- Champions 2 Blu-ray disc. See and hear legendary performances like never before with all new audio remastering to 5.1 surround from the original stereo recordings and video up-conversions to High Definition. This exciting new collection utilizes cutting edge technology to create the definitive highest quality possible from the original source materials.

DTS HD Master Audio Lossless 5.1
Original television aspect ratio preserved


1972 Kingsman (previously unavailable performance)
1976 Blue Devils
1982 Blue Devils
1983 Garfield Cadets
1987 Garfield Cadets
1988 Madison Scouts
1995 The Cavaliers
1996 Blue Devils
1999 Santa Clara
2000 The Cadets
2002 The Cavaliers
2003 Blue Devils
2008 Phantom Regiment

Watch the “Making of” Volume 1.

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