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2016 Bluecoats – “Down Side Up”


Canton, OH – 1st Place 97.650
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Jose / Before John5 Written by Aurel Hollo Published by AUREL HOLLO © 2000; “Heat Of The Day” Written by Patrick B Metheny , Lyle D Mays Published by LYLE DAVID MAYS DBA LYLE MAYS MUSIC C/O STEVENS AND COMPANY PAT-METH MUSIC CORPORATION C/O TED KURLAND ASSOCIATES INC C/O KOBALT MUSIC; “Raga Raja” Written by Gregory J. Pattillo, Peter Joseph Seymour, Eric D. Stephenson Published by PROJECT TRIO; “Udacrep Akubrad” Written by Avner Dorman Published by G. SCHIRMER, INC.; “The Great Gig In The Sky” Written by David Gilmour, Roger Waters Published by HAMPSHIRE HOUSE PUBLISHING; “Down Slide Up” Written by Douglas Thrower Published by DOUGLAS THROWER MUSIC; “Todo Tiende” Written by Maxwell Moya Wright, Francisco Gabas Criado, Francisco Lomena Montes, Sergio Ramos Cebrian, Javier Martin Fernandez Published by BMG PLATINUM SONGS US

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