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2015 The Cadets – The Power of 10


Allentown, PA – 4TH PLACE 95.900
Jim Ott Best Brass Performance Award

“The Power of 10” turned every yard line into a 10-yard line, and if you count up each of the number sequences in the corps’ “Mulholland Drive” ballad, you’ll come up with the number 10. Check out the Periodic Table of Elements to learn why the color guard was clad in neon colors. And any Romans in the audience had to be giddy every time there was an “X” prominently displayed in the drill formations. The entire production was goose bump inducing to the factor of … well, you know.

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“Diana and Camilla” from Mulholland Drive by Angelo Badalamenti © Universal Music Corp. OBO Bobkind Music, Universal Music Corp. OBO Anlon Music Company; “Symphony No. 10 in E Minor, Op. 93” by Dmitri Shostakovich © G. Schirmer, Inc. 1954 (Renewed)

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