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2015 Crossmen – Above and Beyond


San Antonio, TX – 12TH PLACE 85.025

“Above and Beyond” explored the aerial realm of the sky and the inspiration it gives people when they look at it and dream of accomplishing ever-greater things in life. Birdlike drill formations, flags shaped like birdwings and butterfly wings, giant paper airplanes, kites, and sets of clouds seeming to float around the field were just a few of the things conveying the lighter-than-air images.

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“Butterfly” by Anna Mari Kaehaerae and Mia Kristine Makaroff © Musicmakers Oy (Musicmakers LTD.); “Fly To Paradise” from Paradise Lost by Eric Whitacre © Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishing (London) LTD.; “Jubal Step” from All Rise by Wynton Marsalis © Wynton Marsalis Enterprises DBA Skayne’s Music; “One Day I’ll Fly Away” by Will Jennings, Joe Sample © Chrysalis Standards Inc. OBO Four Knights Music, Irving Music, Inc.

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