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Bluecoats Quad Cam 2010 – Amador


Here’s the tenor cam of the final rehearsal of the Bluecoat’s 2010 season, being recorded on a camera strapped to the harness. It also ends with the corps song “Autumn Leaves”. Thanks to Amador from the tenorline for letting me use this video.

Also, you can watch another quad cam from this same rehearsal. Thanks Onye!

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Any corps/composers involved may claim this video and have ads placed on it. If requested, I will also remove this video.

1:42 – Show Start
3:06 – Lean Back Tenor Feature
3:39 – Opener Drum Break
4:20 – Nunchuck Visual
4:53 – Aha! (Movement Two)
5:12 – Tenor Feature (Flash Mob Dance)
7:37 – Metropolis (Ballad)
9:51 – Asphalt Cocktail (Closer)
10:06 – Tenor Feature
11:30 – Percussion Feature
16:20 – Autumn Leaves (Hornline)

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