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Bluecoats Drumline 2010 – Rehearsals


Here’s some random clips I collected over summer of the Bluecoats drumline in 2010. Sorry about the lack of zoom or bad(ish) quality, it was recorded on my iPhone 3GS. The videos are organized chronologically, and go from pre-season all the way to finals week.

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0:00 – Tenor Feature (2nd Movement)
0:21 – Segment of Closer, Front Ensemble (preseason)
1:02 – Closer, Battery (preseason)
4:20 – Middle of Opener, Battery (after July 4th parades)
6:00 – End of Opener, Battery
6:43 – End of Opener, Battery (2nd time)
7:25 – Closer Segment, Battery (Centerville HS, Ohio. Finals Week)
7:50 – Closer Segment, battery (2nd Time)

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