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Carolina Crown 2017 – “It Is” FULL SHOW 6/18


Carolina Crown 2017: “It is…”
It is…an artistic study in Deconstructivism—a dissection of something to its core components; reshaping, relocating, and rearranging those elements; and presenting them in a new way. Art pieces that exhibit a deconstructivist style are characterized by unpredictability and unrestrained freedom, and this allows for an explorative, creative design approach within elements that are purely and exclusively “drum corps.”

It is…an imaginative evolution. The bold, talented performers of the 2017 Carolina Crown will artfully and meticulously disassemble the traditional drum corps model and carefully restructure those components as a fresh, new perspective. In creating an “art installation” of sorts, the design will continually explore the flexibility to evolve in many layers. The colorguard plays an integral role inspiring the artistic exploration and evolution of the concept, and the broad range of visual demands and visual musicality allows a complex personality and character to develop throughout the concept’s layout.

It is… bold and eclectic. The audio and visual presentation will serve to create wildly dynamic changes in look, sound, and atmosphere over the course of the program. Within the ever-changing environment, the performers artfully navigate performance skills ranging from refined sophistication, playful mischievousness, emotional reflection, wildly “far out”, and unabashedly free.

It is…comprised of the following musical selections, which reflect the concept of evolution throughout the program:

“Little Fugue in G Minor” – Johann Sebastian Bach

Representing pure order and structure—both musically and visually—and sophisticated clarity in form and presentation, the “Little Fugue” is a classic opening tribute to a model drum corps introduction.

“Crown Imperial” – William Walton
“Symphony No. 3” – Vittorio Giannini
“Old Home Days” – Charles Ives
“Raveling, Unravelling” – Philip Sparke

As the program evolves and the environment begins to deconstruct, traditional and contemporary wind and brass band literature are juxtaposed to compete for command of the concept’s sense of direction. Highlighting the performers’ dynamic changes from composed, sophisticated power to whimsical, mischievous play, this piece marks the first evolution of the program.

“For Good” – Stephen Schwartz

“Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better? But because I knew you, I have been changed for good.” The introduction of a vocalist as a unique, textural layer is vital to delivering the emotional range of expression and importance of this message and this piece. Thousands of performers have bared their hearts on the DCI stage, in the goal of making their mark on the drum corps tapestry. The unique and elevated vertical changes to the visual landscape highlight the soaring power of the emotionally charged soundscape. The transformations within this stage of the concept signify “no going back” and invite the exploration and experimentation to come.

“NO one To kNOW one” – Andy Akiho

Composed as a multi-movement presentation, this piece propels the concept toward unchartered territories for Carolina Crown, and ushers in the final stage of changes and experimentation. The future-modern orchestrations, harmonic language, and rhythmic intricacies imbue the completed “art project” with raw, edgy power, unpredictability, intrigue, and discovery. The culminating experience is designed to illicit a sense of evolution and exploration within the wide-ranging spectrums of style, demand, risk, and creativity. Ultimately, as any “art experience” can do, the program allows the freedom of interpretation from a wide-ranging audience, and can leave different impressions to different viewers in different viewings.

It is…artistic, unpredictable, imaginative, evolving, bold, eclectic, dynamic, refined, playful, emotional, intense, unique…

It is…Carolina Crown 2017.

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