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The Cadets 2016 Full Ensemble – End of Second Production


From George Hopkins:

So …

Here is the end of the Second production. And yes, we still know how to “run and play”

This was the first time through the end of the piece and the quality here is not good.

But, on June 4th, we are willing to show you ALL WE HAVE, in uniform, via FACEBOOK LIVE

What’s the hitch?

Well, we need 650 donors on board before 6 pm on the 4th. !!!

Are we holding you hostage? Kind of …

Just like Public Radio, or a dance company, or the local YMCA!!!

We are a not for profit and we continue thanks to the hard work of many and the fiscal kindness of over a thousand people per year.


I went out and was able to find 9 awesome folks to join with me in matching the coming donations. As a group, we will give $34.00 for each donation received from May 31 until June 4th. How much will that be ?? $10,000 to $15,000 we hope ! and that will be money that is very, very much needed

So I am here to ask, and cajole …

And gang, you know we show you more inside video and audio than any corps in the world. Can you show us a bit of thanks? A $34.00 donation is $2.97 a month. We can do that !!! We can all do that !!!!



George J. Hopkins

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