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DCI The Cadets 2016 Drumline June Camp


From George Hopkins:

So … I have to keep asking …

Will you please join with the Cadets?
Will you join us as a member of the maroon and gold club?

What can I do to have you join our team?

Do you need to see more videos … I would love to show you more! But I need 650 members on Saturday at 5 pm

Would you like to see that indeed your contribution makes a difference?

Well … I received this very series of text messages from Dan Easter this morning. Dan is training to be part of the royal navy in Great Britain.

We do make a difference. This is so much more than coming in first or third. I only wish more people could see the inside of the Cadets.

The work
The passion
The never ending commitment to be better.

Read this … it’s a start ….

Mr. Hopkins, hoping you are very well indeed!

This is Dan Easter.

I was the British trumpet player in 2013… I also auditioned at the 2011 December camp and was given a spot in the 2012 season but the United States embassy denied my visa but I managed to obtain one and marched 2013 my age out year

Even then, when my dream was taken away from me and I was left with no hopes of ever marching, something you said on that camp always echoed in my mind and kept me going and pushing,

You told us that giving up is a choice. If you give up then you will always lose.
Even when there seems to be no hope for success, if you hang in there and push for that extra nite, that extra step, and you choose to keep going, you will always succeed.

Mr. Hopkins, sir, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Without the lessons you taught me I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

I honestly truly believe, from the other side of the globe right now, in this moment that the more kids that go through your programme, the better the world will be and the better people there will be to fill it with!

By the way I watched your U Tube Videos

Can I just say that the show this year is so inspirational! I am training for the Royal Navy at the moment and I am listening to the show and it makes me run harder, faster and push harder than ever! Thank you for continuing to change the lives of the kids in your programme and the lives of the people attached to and value the Cadets greatly!

I hope you have a blessed day, and I wish I could fill that trumpet spot you guys have. Much, much love to yourself and all the kids marching this year! Can’t wait to see the show again

Go here … now please. We will be excited to have you


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