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DCI 2016 Finals Awards


ecorded the scores portion of DCI 2016 Retreat. This is good if you want to see a more live version of awards. This was so amazing to watch live. Congrats to all the corps on an amazing season!!!

Here are the scores from finals:

Bluecoats (1st-97.650
Blue Devils (2nd-97.250)
Carolina Crown (3rd-97.088)
Santa Clara Vanguard (4th-95.300)
The Cavaliers (5th-94.025)
The Cadets (6th-92.763)
Blue Knights (7th-90.738)
Phantom Regiment (8th-89.963)
Blue Stars (9th-89.050)
Crossmen (10th-86.975)
The Academy (11th-86.100)
Boston Crusaders (12th-84.800)

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