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Snare drum falls off during DCI Finals


My snare drum came unhooked during my age-out finals run with Carolina Crown. Huge thank you to the judge Allan Kristensen for saving my performance! I’m guessing it came loose at the last note of the drum feature, and then was barely sitting in the hooks. While moving back field, it slipped out.
I will never forget the feeling it sent through my body as it fell off, and my reaction as I saw it hit the ground in front of me. I thought Max, the quad player was about to trip over it. Luckily he missed it by a hair! My reaction was to keep marching because muscle memory had already taken over, as you can see I brought my sticks up because it was part of muscle memory I suppose. I remember seeing AK pick up my drum, and hearing him yell “Yo!” to my left. He was on my left, and handed it to me in the perfect position for me to grab and hook onto my carrier right before a huge drill move.
This was a memorable age out to say the least.

-Ryan Hall

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