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The Vortex (Beneath)

The Vortex (Beneath)


The Vortex, the 2014 Bluecoats popular drumline lot jam, overlaid with “Beneath”, a song from Meshuggah’s 1995 album “Destroy, Erase, Improve” and the song off of which the jam was evidently arranged.

If you’ve never heard Tomas Haake played by a top 8 drum corp, this one’s for you.

Neither song was written by me and the purpose of uploading the bluecoats original footage along with part of Meshuggah’s original music is solely for the education of those who wish to hear the comparison of the two original works despite the prior work being recorded before metronomes were used extensively in multitrack recording.

Original song from Meshuggah –

Original video from the Canton Bluecoats channel –

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